This critically acclaimed band is back!

Chalk FarM's 4 original members are back together, playing regularly in the Los Angeles area, and are recording a new collection of songs for release in 2011.

Chalk FarM was an alternative rock group from LA, formed in the early 90's by Michael Duff and Orlando Sims. In 1995, they added Toby Scarbrough and Trace Ritter and were signed by Columbia Records. In 1996 their first album, Notwithstanding, was released. Despite radio and MTV exposure for the song "Lie on Lie" and a positive critical reception, the band and label didn't see eye to eye and Chalk FarM left Columbia Records. Duff created the independent label TIC (The Inner Circle) Records and the group recorded their second album, Three 2's, promoting it mainly via the Internet. Chalk FarM broke up in early 2000.

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