As the LA Times said in January 2007 'David Ford digs down deep in the heart-and-soul tradition: an English and male Lucinda Williams? He puts everything into every note, every word.'

David Ford recorded his debut album 'I Sincerely Apologise For All the Trouble I've Caused' on his own in his cellar flat in Eastbourne during 2005 thinking he was just "doing a bunch of demos". However, the strength of these recordings led to magnoliaMAM taking him on for management and shortly thereafter licensing the 'demos' as a finished album to Independiente for the UK and then, in April 2006, to Columbia Records in New York for the USA and the 'rest of the world'.

The album has now been widely acclaimed and featured in the best of lists for 2006 in the LA Times, The Sunday Times, The New York Post, The Word and The Toronto Star - who said 'you have to go back to Dylan's 'Idiot Wind'/'Blood on the Tracks' to find such an impressively sustained, bile-soaked round of invective'.

He has toured extensively in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia during 2006. When performing live David makes use of a 'looping pedal' which allows him to build up layers of vocals, guitars, percussion and keyboards to create extremely powerful and beautiful layers of sound; most notably when playing the song "State Of The Union". (live footage can be seen on both his myspace page and his old archived web site - & - current website is at

2007 saw the release of his critically aclaimed, yet widely ignored, album Songs For The Road and has spent the most of 2008 in the US promoting it.

Currently 'taking a break' in the UK before resuming his never-ending tour of the States David has found himself without a label and has been "accidently" making a new record which he describes as being "barely listienable" and "like babies screaming and the sound of broken glass".

February 2010 sees the release of his new album, Let The Hard Times Roll, coinciding with a tour of the UK, with dates in the US following soon after.

David Ford's musical honesty and passionately melodic songwriting has seen him compared to the likes of Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, James Taylor and Elton John.

If you like David Ford, it's also well worth looking up the band he used to be in, Easyworld. Similarly melodic and heartfelt and almost as good.

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