Three years ago, two discouraged friends sat down and imagined what it would be like to play in band without gimmicks, without egos, and without facades. They wondered what it'd be like to play with people who shared in their desire to meet every kid, at every show, in every state they played. Without even making a conscious attempt to pursue this concept, they were fortunate enough to find three other friends who shared this desire. Over the course of 3 years, Envy on the Coast was born. What you see is what you get. Brian Byrne, Dan Gluszak, Jeremy Velardi, Ryan Hunter, and Sal Bossio promise honesty, and refuse to compromise in their delivery. Sure, touring with a piano amongst the many hardcore acts theyve shared the stage with has provided critics with plenty of fuel for scorn, but theyve become used to this. Aside from this, each members taste in music along with his personality is so different from the next, that its shocking the band functions so well together. In actuality, most of the components of Envy on the Coast that some have regarded as plagues, are actually the elements that have helped to get them to where they are today. The band has performed everywhere from backyards to bar mitzvahs. Their desire to perform and extract all traces of the rock star attitude from their music and mission statement has been well received by the many fans who have joined over the course of the bands existence. The fan base that Envy on the Coast has built is truly something to see for yourself. The fans are treated more like friends and reciprocate in their unwavering support for the band in any way they possibly can to contribute. Envy on the Coast is more about family than it is fame. Over time, the band has been fortunate to have met some people who have jumped aboard to help the band in ways that they couldnt for themselves. Bryan Russell, a workhorse of an engineer/producer, was the first to provide the band with support. Russell took the band to his Brooklyn loft to record an E.P. for them when the band had not a dime to their name. Following this, he passed the record on to his friend, Will Noon, who plays drums in the successful Long Island band, Straylight Run. Noon offered to help the band in any way he possibly could. At the bands request, he passed the E.P. on to anyone affiliated with labels or the music industry in general. After the band quickly became disgusted by the concept of being handcuffed and blindfolded by record labels, they were fortunate enough to meet Matt Galle, a booking agent from New York, who gave their record a listen and offered to help the band. Galle was the piece to the puzzle that Envy needed. He quickly befriended the band and saw eye-to-eye with their plan to tour incessantly to spread the word. In regard to the future, the bands desires have not changed since the day that Ryan and Sal shared dreams over coffee. Envy on the Coast wants nothing more than to play shows all over the country, maybe some day the world, and to meet as many kids as they possibly can in every place they visit."

Envy On The Coast performed with Circa Survive, As Tall As Lions, and Cute Is What We Aim For on the AP Magazine Tour.

Envy On The Coast loses Drummer Dan Gluszak: [from the band's myspace] 0299 "We, as a band, have decided to part ways with our drummer, Dan. I can't overstate how much it pains me and the rest of the guys to have to announce the departure of one of our founding members but at the end of the day, we truly believe it is in the best interest of all parties involved to go our separate ways."

The Break up As of July 2010, Envy on the Coast announced their Final Three shows, ending their 6 year run. Announcing the break-up via their Facebook page, the band states in their message that members Sal Bossio and Jeremy Velardi approached the rest of the band, informing them of their impending departure. Front-man Ryan Hunter stated in the post "They explained that they are no longer happy being a part of this, and there was nothing Brian and I could do or say to change that. Because Envy on the Coast was founded upon the musical and personal relationships between the four of us, Brian and I have decided that we would rather move forward rather than finding musicians to replace Sal and Jer."

The last show took place at Irving Plaza, Long Island, to a sell out crowd, and it remains unclear as to whether Bossio and Velardi or Hunter and band-mate Brian Byrne plan to pursue new musical endeavors separately.

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