Lineup: Soul Glow Activatur - Vocals, Guitar Fatty - Bass, Vocals Crouton - Drums, Vocals Nadaddy - Keyboards, Vocals Chap Stique - Guitar

"There's a delicate balance between the intertwining worlds of artistry, entertainment and humor, but for dance-derived rockers Family Force 5, it's an ecstatic equilibrium that remarkably illustrates all three elements. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the Atlanta-based five-some are just as likely to get the party started as they are to escort audiences into an alternate reality. Even so, the band never compromises album creativity, while simultaneously hearkening back to the days of massive spectacles on tour.

The group's sophomore release, Dance Or Die, oozes with over-the-top illustrations, charging out of the gate with funky rhythms, percolating club grooves, undeniably infectious hooks and instantaneous sing-a-longs. Imagine an inventive evolution of the band's eye-opening debut, Business Up Front, Party in the Back, blended with Prince getting down at a Daft Punk concert where Michael Jackson busts out the moonwalk in the center of the dance floor."

As Christians, at the root of their music, Family Force 5 believes that they can reach a whole new spectrum of listeners by infusing high-energy tunes with party-time themes and a creative scramble of lyrics that point to their faith. "We want to make music that is for God, but at the same time, we want to make music that people enjoy and that they're not turned off by," states Solomon Old, lead singer.

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