Let me tell you a tale of four men destined to rock. Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there lived two college students, Matthew and Steven. They were enrolled in a big bad school that demanded far too much. In another land at the exact same time were two more college students, Robert Thomas and Joshua. And as history was designed - their paths would meet...(even though they had met before...actually they had met a lot of times before...like, a bunch of times, they were actually friends but for the sake of the tale it's better if they came together at this moment...). Both of the evil school's had combined forces to stop the flow of rock that was destined to explode from our four heroes, but as fate would have it - Grey Holiday was birthed and took its first breath in October of 2004.

And so our heroes ventured to a far away land known as The Ville of Nash wherest they formed a revolutionary album (thanks to the help of Mitch Dane. and Sputnik. and Judge Beans Bar-B-Q). The months that followed were filled with an onslaught of mind-blowing rock shows. Many an audience were left shell shocked and in awe of the magic that is Grey Holiday. And so our guardians of all things rock found themselves in the hands of the indomitable Essential Records - who believed that our boys were onto something momentous. So with a new album on the brink and anticipation welling (at least for the men of GH) the saga continues...

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