Hed P.E., previously known as (hed) Planet Earth and stylized as (həd) p.e. is a band from Huntington Beach, California.

They fuse punk energy with hip hop lyrics and instrumentation to form a sound they call “G-punk” (A combination of G-Funk and Punk). They have also been known to experiment with various other musical genres, such as reggae.

History: (həd) p.e. was formed in 1994 by Afro-Brazilian-American MC Jahred Shane and lead guitarist Wesstyle, both of whom saw each other in attendance at many of the same shows in the Los Angeles and Southern Californian underground scene. They began writing songs and teamed up with Mawk (Bass guitar) who had previously been in a California-based Funk band with Jahred, Chizad (Guitar), B.C. (Drums), and DJ Product 1969 (Turntables) to form (həd) p.e.. Same year (1994) they also released their first 8-track demo tape containing "Stitches" (available only on this tape), "Hill" (same version later released on Church of Realities) and "Epilogue" (later released on Serpent Boy single). Not many copies has been made, but really rarely fans put them on auctions. Recently, one copy was sold for $280.

Their first album was the Church of Realities EP, produced by Wesstyle & released independently in 1995. Upon signing to Jive Records they came out with their self-titled major label debut, which featured rerecorded versions of many of the Church of Realities songs. These earliest recordings have a gritty, striking energy to them which members of the band have attributed to their use of amphetamines. Their biggest hit was the 2000 album Broke, which saw them experimenting with a smoother hip hop influence and an arguably more focused energy to their music. Broke featured guest appearances by Serj Tankian from System of a Down and Morgan Landers from Kittie on the track "Feel Good". The band released the first single of their sophomore album, Broke, "Bartender" which got some air play on MTV.

It's been claimed that pressure from the record label lead the band to pursue a more mainstream, accessible sound with the 2003 album Blackout[citation needed]. Whatever the reason, it was not as successful as Broke had been, and in its wake many of the original members of the band went their separate ways. Sonny Mayo, formerly of Snot and Amen (Currently of Sevendust), picked up guitar duties for touring after Chizad left the band. The band also parted ways with their label of six years, Jive Records, at this time.

After signing to indie label Koch Records and adding guitarist Jaxon and drummer Moke (Formerly of Otep) to the line-up, (həd) pe frontman Jahred reworked some material he had originally written for a side-project with Fenix Jones and released the album Only in Amerika in 2005. (həd) pe continued to pursue their energy filled rap-metal in this album as well.

In June 2005 the band appeared on the cover of Origivation Magazine. The article was titled "Under F_cking Rated".

At the end of 2005, (həd) p.e. signed with Suburban Noize Records, and released Back 2 Base X on June 6, 2006.

Included within their very busy Tour Schedule during 2006, they toured W. Europe and the UK alongside Anglo-Welsh band, Weapons and labelmates OPM. They have also just completed a national tour alongside Papa Roach on the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour.

As of right now in 2007, (həd) p.e. has just released a new album titled Insomnia. The album features many political songs while fusing their rapcore sound with 70's rock music, reggae, and old school R&B. The first single off the album Insomnia is entitled Suffa.

Current members: * Jahred Shane aka M.C.U.D (Paolo Sergio Gomes) - vocals /in band since beginning/ * DJ Product (Doug Boyce) - turntables/back vocals (mostly screaming) /in band since beginning/ * Mawk (Mark Young) - bass guitar /in band since beginning/ * Jaxon (Jackson Benge) - guitar - /joined after Blackout release/

* Devin Lebsack - drums /joined after signing to Suburban Noize Records/

* Tiny - drums /joined after the recording of the new album Insomnia. Devin left because of family issues, but is returning to the band A.S.A.P./

Ex-members: * Moke (Mark Bistany) - drums /played only on Only In Amerika/ * Chizad (Chad Benekos) - guitar /since beginning, left after Blackout release/ * B.C. (Ben Vaught) - drums /since beginning, left after Blackout release/ * Wesstyle (Wes Geer) - guitar /since beginning, left after Blackout release (with Chizad as they claim to be "guitar brothers")/ * Sonny Mayo - guitar /joined only to support Blackout tour/ * The Finger (Ken Sachs) - keyboard /since beginning, left after Church Of Realities, but he still has good relations with band/ * TiLo (Tim Murray) - back vocals /heard only on Church Of Realities, after that he has joined Methods of Mayhem)

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