Led by lead singer Adam Levine, the america pop group "Maroon 5” actually origination as “Kara’s Flowers” in LA in ‘ 4. The original members were all still high school students, but already showing considerable talent. The bands title, incidentally, was named after a girl every member had a mad crush on. Jesse Carmichael on guitar and occasional vocals along with Mickey Madden (bass) and Ryan Dusick on the drums. After being signed by Reprise records, they did not coalesce and actually disband for all members to go off to college. It wasn’t until ‘ 1 that they reunited and added James Valentine to start again under the name Maroon 5.

Octone Records signed them and produced "Songs About Jane” which include the widely played "Harder to Breathe.” "Makes Me Wonder” was their first of several #1 hits and cracked the Billboard top 100.

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