Polish dark ambient, darkwave, martial, industrial project on the great Beast of Prey label. The following info is quoted from their MySPACE page at http://www.myspace.com/nekyia

"" nekyia means an offering for the dead. it means contact with these parts of human mind which remain unknown and unconscious - at least unwanted - and the music is a part of the underworld - uncontrolled and dionysiac. nekyia came into being in 1999/2000. at the beginning only two persons were taking part in this project - manuzi and grasi, having been inspired by i.e. desiderii marginis, deutsh nepal, sanctum put together a demo "in the land of tombs i stay", but it was a rather depressive and primitive piece of music, so they have decided to exhance their style. at the point brzoza joined nekyia to contribute on the album "attuner of the spheres", which was released by fluttering dragon records by the hand of xak "himself". in 2002 nekyia recorded the third album "alchemalady", trying to explore some aspects of alchemical processes with reference to psychic development and/or regress - both in the music and the lyrics - relying on the ideas of c.g.jung. this one waits for the opportunity to unearth it. "purgatory as the serpent domain" was finally recorded in 2005 and is being released by beast of prey with infamis personal commitment. brzoza has lost interest in this kind of music, hence mania joins and brings her satin vocal chords into its abysmal being. "slowmotion downhells" is finished and released. the album tends mostly to dark ambient sounds. while the music relates to a state of deprivation and withdrawal, lyrics link to contemporary religious selfdeception and devaluation of core religious experience - whatever they could be. ""

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