There are mutliple artists with this name:

1) Reckless is a solo-artist from Brooklyn, New York but now resides in Athens, Greece. His tracks to this date consist of "Together Forever" and "The End".

Official Fan Page: Facebook

2) Reckless is a solo-artist. Ricky aka Reckless is from Chicago, but he now resides in Brownsville, TX. He loves music, its a really big part of his life.

Official Myspace: Myspace

3) Reckless is a southern rock band out of Nashville, TN.

Official Website:

4) Reckless is a hard rock band from Ontario, Canada. They released the full length Album "Heart of Steel" in 1985.

5) Reckless was a rock band active from 1987 - 1991 In Australia.

6) Reckless is a recent rock band from Porto, Portugal, which sounds a lot like Muse (and is often confused by them). Since July 2010, they are making new songs such as: "change my heart", "my dear sherlock" and "bach archive".

Official Myspace: Myspace

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