Spectacular! is a hit Nickelodeon original movie and its first ever musical. It stars Nolan Gerard Funk, Tammin Sursok, Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis. The film premiered on February 16, 2009 while its soundtrack was released 2 weeks earlier.

"Spectacular!" stars scruffy-haired Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk), who's hit the skids after he's been kicked out of his band and then summarily dumped by his girlfriend. What's a teenage rebel to do with all this passion and edgy creativity? Why, join show choir of course! Nikko gets pulled into the musical group Spectacular, led by preppy Courtney (Tammin Sursok) and mentored by the absent-minded Mr. Romano ( Greg Germann). Naturally, the two musical worlds collide, causing both sides to eventually learn from each other in time to take a stand against rival group Ta-Da, headed by Spectacular defectee Royce (Simon Curtis), at a national musical championship.

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