Nat and Alex Wolff are members of a six member band and are the real-life offspring of entertainers from two television shows that had baby-boomer appeal. Polly Draper is the mother who is also the producer for the show("Ellyn Warren" on the 1987-91 TV series Thirtysomething) and Michael Wolff is the father (band leader and musical director for The Arsenio Hall Show from 1989-1994, he is a jazz pianist) of the telegenic team: Draper is also executive producer/writer/director/creator, and Wolff is the Co-Executive Producer/Music Producer of this film.

The band also includes Thomas Batuello Allie DiMeco Qaasim Middleton David Levi

Albie Hecht, the other executive producer of the series, said he thought the brothers would be big after he saw the audience's enthusiastic reaction to the film at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

"They're just real: real brothers, real friends; it's all the stuff kids do when they're hanging out on the playground," Mr. Hecht said. "The idea that you're watching a documentary is so much fun. Then you put them into that fantasy of being a world-famous rock band, and that's the sauce that makes it work."

The General Manager of Nick said, "At first we were intrigued by the idea, but we weren't sure that kids would understand the vague tongue-and-cheek of it. Then a bunch of us took it home to our own children, and they loved it."

John Ausdenmor was the guitarist for the Naked Brothers Band after the movie and before Qaasim.

Finally it should be noted the other band members do all of the live and show performances but they are not the artists on the CD. This was recently mentioned in an interview that the other only lay background voice tracks in the album. It was quite unclear if Alex played the drums.

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