The U.S. BOMBS have been through hell. To look closely at the bands turbulent history, you would swear they had a curse on their heads. In the last year alone the band has suffered some lethal blows (fist fights and band break-ups) and broken hearts (the loss of childhood friends and loved ones) that should have ended them. When the U.S. BOMBS started playing, they would play gigs wherever they could plug-in. Occasionally the band would invite their friends down to the Laundromat, plug in and put on a show that would last until the cops came crashing in. It is from the spirit of these early shows that the Bombs have drawn their inspiration for the classic album 'Back To The Laundromat'. With relentless tenacity, frontman Duane Peters always hits his marks perfectly, spiting out his apocalyptic visions of the modern world with his twisted street prophet growl. Tracks like "Rubber Room" and "Bloody Rag" showcase the Bombs trademark punk-rock-be-bop attack that is so infective, that you cannot help but bob your head in submission. Peters, an early pool skating pioneer and the first man to ever complete a loop in a full pipe, assembled the band along with the help of guitarist Kerry Martinez from leftover bits and pieces of other notorious OC punk bands. The Bombs lurched onto the scene with the release of their 'Scouts Of America' 7inch in 1994 backing it up with a death defying live show that more often than not featured Peters beating the hell out of himself both on and off the stage. After having only witnessed this spectacle once, the usually skeptical editors of the punk rock bible Flipside put the band on their cover. Over the next six years, the U.S. Bombs would release five full-length albums and embark on a never-ending tour of small clubs, European festival, theaters and abandoned buildings. Now, after several members have produced offspring, including the birth of Duane's son, Clash Peters, the US BOMBS are ready to unleash their war music on the world again. With a renewed sense of chemistry amongst each other after years of inner-conflict, the band is stronger than ever. The BOMBS have joined forces with THORP RECORDS now and will be delivering a fresh new batch of hard- working, blue-collar punk, suit up and show up, war music in January 2006 with a brand new, yet untitled, studio full length release. After all the damage they've sustained, the survival of the U.S. BOMBS is yet another testament to the enduring nature of the music they play and the songs they sing. We need someone to climb to the top of the cliff, look out over the smoke stacks and report back just how devastating the view really is.

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